No more yellow highlighter pens and hours of typing. Say hello to the digital highlighter.

C-Pen Digital Highlighter.

Highlight any text and the C-Pen digital highlighter will instantly insert the text in any application. No more yellow highlighters and no more typing.

Full text to speech functionality.

The included C-Pen software comes with a full text to speech engine, that lets you listen to anything you highlight.


The included TS/X Editor has integrated controls for quick and easy translation.

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Works with any application.

The highlighted text is inserted to any application you chose, just as if you would have typed it yourself using the keyboard. So regardless if you use web browsers, text applications, business software or just about any other application, the C-Pen digital highlighter does the work for you.

Or use the included TS/X Editor.

The TS/X Editor is our own word processing application that is included when you buy a C-Pen TS1. It has all the regular features you expect from a text editing application as well as some nice extras.

We built in and integrated all the great features, enabled quick translation and text to speech, directly into the application so you can access and take advantage of these features seamlessly on all your documents.

TS/X Editor supports .doc, .docx, and pdf formats and you can thus open, edit, save, and even listen to documents you receive in school or at work.

Listen to any text that you highlight.

With a purchase of a C-Pen TS1 one text-to-speech voice is included for free. This text-to-speech functionality is seamlessly integrated with the C-Pen software, so you can easily listen to any text you highlight.

The text-to-speech functionality is also available within the TS/X Editor and this lets you easily listen to any text in the document, regardless of if it was highlighted with the C-Pen digital highligher or if you had written it on the keyboard yourself.

Word & full sentence translation.

The TS/X Editor has an integrated translation functionality, simple right click on the word you want translated and select translate, and the translation of the word will appear.

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